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About the Partners

The solar energy system will be installed on the roof of the Brooklyn Army Terminal, a dynamic industrial campus on the Sunset Park waterfront owned and managed by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). UPROSE is working with its partner Working Power to jointly own, operate and manage the Sunset Park Solar project on the Brooklyn Army Terminal. This is an innovative project partnership between a grassroots environmental justice organization and a mission aligned developer. The solar project will also provide electricity bill savings to nearly 200 households and small businesses in Sunset Park.

UPROSE: Founded in 1966, UPROSE is Brooklyn’s oldest Latino community-based organization. An intergenerational, multi-racial, nationally-recognized organization, UPROSE promotes sustainability and resiliency in Sunset Park through community-based planning, policy advocacy, popular education, organizing, and youth leadership development. Central to the organization’s work is ensuring meaningful community engagement, participatory planning, sustainable economic development, and community leadership development with environmental and climate justice at the center.

Working Power: We co-develop clean energy projects that center climate justice and create strong community benefits. Our goal is to reinvest in healthy, economically resilient neighborhoods while meeting the needs of communities, philanthropists, and investors.Working Power is a genuine partner committed to lasting community benefits for frontline communities. We serve local leaders as communities shape their destinies, catalyzing local ownership of clean energy to build wealth, jobs, and power. We design innovative and fair financial models, provide a pipeline to capital, and provide development support organized around contractually binding community benefits & long-term ownership.

Solar One: Founded in 2004, Solar One is an environmental nonprofit in NYC that runs diverse programs including K-12 environmental education, green workforce training, and programs that help New Yorkers adopt clean energy. Solar One’s Here Comes Solar program assists affordable housing providers and community organizations advance their solar projects. Since 2014, Solar One has helped more than 250 NYC buildings install solar. The organization also completes customer enrollment for community solar projects, and is providing technical assistance and workforce training for some of NYC’s first community shared solar projects.


770 Electric Corp. (WBE): Founded in 2006, 770 Electric Corp. and its affiliate Grid City Energy, are a family-owned turnkey solar installation company. 770 Electric Corp. has over 12 years of commercial and residential solar experience in New York City and Long Island. The company has developed and installed hundreds of successful solar projects, including many flat roof installations that are similar to the Sunset Park Solar. 770 Electric Corp.’s commitment to excellence and efficiency allows it to partner effectively with affordable housing providers, non-profit partners and City agencies to ensure strong solar project execution.



NYCEDC: New York City Economic Development Corporation’s mission is to encourage economic growth in each of the five boroughs of New York City by strengthening neighborhoods and growing good jobs. NYCEDC runs the Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) through a lease with the City of New York and solicited proposals for a community solar garden on the BAT roof in spring 2018 with the goal of facilitating solar projects that provide economic opportunity to New York residents and businesses.